The First Smoke Capturing Kitchen Hood – the only portable kitchen range “hood” that captures smoke without installing a complicated duct system

Are you looking for a perfect replacement for your kitchen range hood because it cannot capture smoke anymore? Try the First Smoke Capturing Kitchen Hood.

This uniquely designed kitchen range hood is your perfect answer simply because besides its portability so you can easily position the smoke hood anywhere you want, the design will also not require the owner to install a complicated system every time.

Smoke Capturing Kitchen Hood

First Smoke Capturing Kitchen Hood

Unlike ordinary kitchen range “hood”, this portable unit can be set up easily right beside you as you cook, perfect if you want to get rid of any smoke and fumes as you prepare your favorite food every time.

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Smoke Capturing Kitchen Hood 2

This smoke capturing kitchen hood uses a replaceable charcoal filter enough to help you get rid of any odor, it even comes with a detachable stainless steel filter for oil and best of all, it already comes with 3 different fan speeds so you can suck those nasty smoke using different levels of suctioning power. Provides up to 480min of power when fully charged using its included USB charger.

You can buy this portable kitchen range hood for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.