The Finger Swipe Headphones – Uses same swipe sensitivity found on tablets and smartphones

Looking for a Wireless Bluetooth Headphone that is very easy to use yet comes with all the best and powerful features? Sure, check the Finger Swipe Headphones, a finger swipe controlled headphone that is built with a nice sensitive touchpad located right at its sleek ear cups for easy control swiping.

This Finger Swipe Heaphone uses the same swipe sensitivity found on most tablets and smartphones so sliding back and forth to raise and lower the volume will not be a problem.

The Finger Swipe Headphones

Unlike ordinary music gadgets and wireless Bluetooth headsets out there, the Finger Swipe Heaphones let you rewind and advanced music tracks simply by swiping it horizontally plus it automatically stops once it received incoming calls so you can answer it immediately.

This wireless Bluetooth headset has a frequency response of up to 2Khz while its 40mm driver allows the wearer to enjoy clear and crisp sound from almost any audio source.

This finger swipe headphone has a nice and comfy ear cup padding and headpiece just perfect for that long music listening. Other unique feature includes easy to fold functionality, a nice hard case and a rechargeable battery, it even comes with an auxiliary port so you can pair it with non Bluetooth devices.

-$149.95 at hammacher