The Filterless 650′ sq. Air Purifier – effectively cleans air pollutants roaming around your room

Bacteria and other air pollutants roaming around your room? Not anymore with The Filterless 650′ sq. Air Purifier, [PRODUCT PAGE]a unique air cleaner that secretes billions of innocuous electrons in order to get rid of air scums by converting them into a negative ions resulting any bad bacteria to sink and fall to the tube and on the ground.

This filterless air purifier is capable of removing pollen, smoke particles and airborne dust and almost any type of small bacteria plus unlike any ordinary air filters, the filterless 650′ sq. air purifier’s efficiency will not disappear over time.

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Filterless 650' sq. Air Purifier

The Filterless 650′ sq. Air Purifier

This air cleaner can sanitize a room for up to 5 straight hours while its uniquely designed motor does not create any ozone problem.

This air purifier has a detachable tube so you can easily clean for at least 2x a month and best of all its reliable and affordable air filtration system will allow the owner to clean any air pollutants without worrying about costly filters.

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Start removing bacteria now, give yourself a clean and worry free room with this filterless air purifier.

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