The Fast Drying Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner – A uniquely designed steam vacuum that reduces a carpet’s drying time

The Fast Drying Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner [SOURCE] is not just powerful when it comes to removing moisture but is also unique when it comes to reducing the carpet’s drying time, thanks to uniquely designed suction designed to accelerate the drying process partnered with forced heated air enough to provide a cleaner carpet of course without worrying about dampness every time.

This steam vacuum is perfect for cleaning spills, stains and even capable of removing dirt from almost any angle, thanks to its multidirectional brushes, cleaning carpets and even your latest upholstery is now easier and more powerful.

The Fast Drying Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

The Fast Drying Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner is design to automatically combine the perfect amount of water and cleaning solution in order to lift common household stains including ketchup, grape juice and more from your favorite furniture and carpets.

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The Fast Drying Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner even comes with a dual tank system to make sure only clean water will pass right to its wide cleaning path and best of all, its detachable tool caddy, large wheels, 8 feet hose and other included upholstery cleaning tool including cleaning solution are just some of the reason, cleaning your carpet and upholstery is now quick and easy with this steam vacuum.

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