The Facial Recognition Security Camera – equipped with artificial intelligence to determine who is at your door

Tired of using your security camera because it cannot recognize who’s knocking at your door? Use the Facial Recognition Security Camera, a wireless security camera equipped with AI technology designed to help you determine who is at your door.

Thanks to the security camera’s artificial intelligence feature partnered with wireless detection function, owners can easily record live video at high definition, detect motion and even recognizes faces even at 10 feet away without any problem.

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Facial Recognition Security Camera

Facial Recognition Security Camera

This wireless security camera is unique because it can be loaded with faces of your family member so that when it detects something, it can also alert you be sending information about who’s behind that door.

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Facial Recognition Security Camera 1

Besides its recording feature, this security camera also features a built-in siren, a 130 degrees field of views, night vision function and an integrated microphone for that 2-way communication function you’ve been looking for in a wireless security camera.

You can buy the security camera for only $189.95 with lifetime guarantee.