The Executive’s iPad Folio – A compact iPad case capable of storing almost all of your office essentials

Looking for a more professionally designed iPad case that is compact enough yet capable of storing almost all of your office essentials and at the same time provides perfect protection for your iPad tablet and other important office materials and documents?

The Executive's iPad Folio

The Executive’s iPad Folio

The Executive’s iPad Folio is what you need simply because this zippered leather iPad case not only provides perfect storage for all your office needs including your favorite phones, writing pads, eyeglasses, cords and more but at the same time allows the owner to propped up the tablet for that instant desktop display while keeping all the socket ports open for easy switching of earphones, controlling volumes and even waking up the tablet without the need to remove from the case.

The Executive's iPad Folio 1

This compact iPad folio even comes with business or credit card storage compartments that is very accessible anytime and best of all, it already includes an adjustable strap perfect for busy geeks out there who can’t afford to lose all their important stuff while rushing.

The Executive's iPad Folio 2

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