The Ergonomist Certified Keyboard – the wireless split keyboard that promotes efficient and natural typing every time

The Ergonomist Certified Keyboard is not just one of those ordinary wireless keyboards out there because this computer keyboard is certified to provide not just comfort but at the same time capable of promoting efficient and natural typing every time.

From the maker of advanced and original computer peripherals, Logitech introduces its latest curved and split keyboard in order to help computer users improve not just their typing skills but also their typing posture of course without worrying about muscle strain from the user’s forearms and wrists.

Ergonomist Certified Keyboard

This wireless and curved split keyboard is cushioned with high density and memory foam so computer users can place their forearms right just above the wireless keyboard perfect for providing up to 54 percent more wrist support and of course lessening wrist bending for up to 25 percent.

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Ergonomist Certified Keyboard1

This Ergonomist Certified Keyboard has a leg that can be adjusted easily to lift the user’s palm perfect for some comfortable typing while standing or seated and best of all, it can be connected to your latest pc using its Bluetooth connectivity or via its included USB dongle. Weighs only 3 1/4lbs and only measures 1 3/4x 18×9.5 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy the curved wireless keyboard for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.