The Ergonomic Joystick Mouse – Helps lessen the strain on your arm, wrist and shoulder

You want to lessen the strain you are having on your arm, wrist and shoulder every time you use your mouse? Here’s an ergonomically designed Joystick Mouse [SOURCE] where users simply move the arrow pointer in any direction basically by holding the mouse just as you would a pen providing the user a more natural and comfortable position.

The Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

The Ergonomic Joystick Mouse

This wireless joystick mouse is capable of moving up and down, side to side or in any direction in precise motion while its included easy to use buttons allow users to click, double-click and scroll or even navigate page to page easily on their favorite applications and internet browsers.

The Ergonomic Joystick Mouse 2

The Ergonomic Joystick Mouse is very easy to use, simply connect the USB dongle on one of your computer’s USB port and allow the wireless joystick connects automatically and start navigating around the screen.

This joystick mouse already comes with a rechargeable battery capable of providing up to 2 months of normal use after a 10hrs. charge via its included USB cable and works on most operating system including XP, OS X 10.1 or later.

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