The Ergonomic Head Shaver – a head groomer capable of creating a clean shaved look in or out of the shower

The Ergonomic Head Shaver is your perfect answer if you want to have a head groomer capable of creating a perfectly shaved head in order to get that clean look every time.

Thanks to this stainless steel made head groomer, creating a clean shaved look whether it is inside or outside of the shower is now possible every time.

Ergonomic Head Shaver

The Ergonomic Head Shaver

This head shaver is very easy to use and fits nicely on the user’s palm perfect for getting that precise control and allowing the user to shave with either hand and in almost any direction.

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Ergonomic Head Shaver1

The Ergonomic Head Shaver uses 5 uniquely designed heads designed to gently and of course effectively accommodate almost any type of someone’s pate to make sure it can provide an optimal skin contact every time and best of all, it already includes different attachments like facial scrub brush, sideburn shaver, exfoliator, nose hair trimmer and more and best of all, it can provide of up to 1hr of continuous power when fully charged using its included AC charger.

You can buy the head groomer for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.