The Elliptical Bicycle – A uniquely designed exercise bike perfect for toning arms, legs and back muscles outside

Looking for bicycles that can help tone your muscles in your arms, legs and back? Use the Elliptical Bicycle [SOURCE], a uniquely designed bicycle propelled simply by elliptical exercise movements giving the owner a full body workout.

The Elliptical Bicycle

The Elliptical Bicycle

The Elliptical Bicycle works simply by moving back and forth, thanks to the bicycle’s unique handlebars and sturdy foot platforms, exercising and building your muscles and providing cardiovascular workout is now more fun moving the bicycle forward.

The Elliptical Bicycle 2

This elliptical bicycle is perfect for toning muscles through low impact exercises yet very easy on the owner’s knees, shoulders and hips. This unique elliptical bicycle even comes with a unique steering system that enables the owner to easily turn simply by leaning to one side perfect for exercising the core muscles.

The Elliptical Bicycle 1

This workout bicycle even features a 3-gear system which allows the owner to climb on moderate levels while its easy to use hand brakes strategically located at the bike’s handlebar will enable the owner to easily stop.

Other feature includes sturdy frame that folds easily into half for easy storage and front and rear tires with 16 inches and 20 inches in diameter respectively.

Watch the elliptical bicycle in action [HERE].