The Electronic Pulse Massage Socks – delivers pain relief to the feet

The Electronic Pulse Massage Socks are unique because they are capable of delivering pain relief to your problematic feet.

Thanks to the sock’s built-in electrotherapy system where it uses TENS technology partnered with an easy to use controller where users can easily connect directly to the socks using its included easy to use fasteners.

Electronic Pulse Massage Socks

The Massage Socks work simply by sending harmless electrical pulses where it sends signals to the aching feet, stimulating the feet’s nerves in order to block pain signals to the brain, it even comes with 5 effective modes partnered with 3 different intensity levels just to provide the owners the best relief they’ve been looking for every time.

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Electronic Pulse Massage Socks1

The Electronic Pulse Massage Socks even features an easy to read LCD display so owner can effectively monitor the device while it is doing its magic and best of all, the socks can be hand wash and air dry without any problem and already includes electrode wires, 4 triple-a batteries and gel pads so you can start getting rid of your foot problem.

You can buy the massage socks for pain relief for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.