The Electric Skates – Propels the wearer up to 8mph

The Electric Skates is capable of propelling the wearer of up to 8mph simply by strapping the motorized skates on your favorite shoes.

This Electric Skates is powered by an 80watt motor integrated on both shoes while its rugged fiber frame holds its rubber tires smoothly.

The Electric Skates

The Electric Skates also features a wireless handheld remote control used to throttle the skates all together, just pull the switch back or drag the heel stopper to have a nice stop any time.

This motorized roller skates also comes with a detachable li-ion battery capable of providing the rider continuous power of up to 40 minutes of skating around your campus or visiting your neighborhood festival.

This Electric Skates already includes training wheels that can be easily remove and can perfectly fit on most shoe sizes.

-$699.95 at hammacher

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  1. This electric Skates are very nice to go here and there. We can go some distance without our Bike..
    Save Petrol Save Earth..

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