The Electric Outdoor Smoker – no more gas or propane because it works with standard outlet

The Electric Outdoor Smoker (SOURCE ) is your perfect outdoor smoker is you want to prepare steaks, ribs, fish and even vegetables this coming Christmas season simply because it is very easy to use and works with your standard outlet so you don’t have to worry about gas or propane again every time you want to cook your favorite barbeque food.

This smoker is unique because besides its main function of providing your favorite barbeques with the perfect cooking temperature designed to provide the perfect smoke absorption for meat, it also provides 3 chrome cooking grates so it can accommodate all of your favorite barbeques all at the same time.

Electric Outdoor Smoker

This outdoor smoker even features a 3-in-1 tray right at the smokers bottom unit like grease and water pan and even tray that function as a wood chip box, it even comes with a huge window right at the smoker’s door so owners can monitor and check their food without opening the smoker.

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Electric Outdoor Smoker1

The Electric Outdoor Smoker already comes with 3 heat settings and even a wrought iron handle so owners can easily position the smoker anywhere they want and best of all, it only measures 26×16.5×13 inches in height, width and diameter. Weighs only 30lbs.

You can buy the electric smoker for only $189.95 with lifetime guarantee.