The Electric Guitar Starter Pack – A complete guitar set perfect for budding musician to get started with confidence

The Electric Guitar Starter Pack [SOURCE] is perfect for wannabe guitarist because it already includes all the necessary tools including a professional full-sized electric guitar with low string height, light gauge strings, guitar picks, solid body design and a 30-watt amplifier to help budding musician get started with confidence.

The Electric Guitar Starter Pack

The Electric Guitar Starter Pack

This electric guitar set also includes an easy to follow DVD and booklet designed to help guitarist read guitar tablature and picking techniques quickly and easily.

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Besides its included nylon case, guitar strap and amplifier cable, this guitar set even includes a digital tuner so young guitarist can fine tune their guitar before doing some clean or overdriven sound at home.

Finally, the Electric Guitar Starter Pack also allows budding musician to attached their favorite MP3 player straight to the guitar amplifier to allow them to strum along their favorite music. Go ahead, get the set now, insert your favorite headphone so you can start a private practice.

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