The Electric Board Skates – Now you can glide along at top speed without pushing off the ground.

The Electric Board Skates [SOURCE] is not just perfect when it comes to its performance but at the same time unique because it combines all the elements of a hoverboard, roller skates and skateboard so you can enjoy traveling around at top speed without pushing off the ground.

This electric skates already includes an easy to use wireless remote control that allow riders to throttle both skates all at the same time for up to 9mph, pulling the switch back on the other hand will allow the skates’ electronic brakes to engage perfect for achieving that gentle stop you’ve been looking for in an electric skates.

The Electric Board Skates

The Electric Board Skates

The skates 350watt brushless motor located on one unit partnered with 23/4 inches wheels and non-slip footplates will allow riders to roam at speed of up to 9mph confidently.

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The Electric Board Skates support riders up to 220lbs and is capable of traveling up to 8 miles when fully charged via its included AC adapter.

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