The Electric Bacon Toaster – the electric kitchen appliance that vertically cooks bacon

The Electric Bacon Toaster (currently taking orders here) is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for an electric toaster capable of cooking your favorite bacon vertically.

Thanks to this uniquely designed bacon toaster equipped with built-in griddles designed to help owners cook up to 5 strips of bacon without you worrying about how to drain away grease and fat.

Electric Bacon Toaster

The Electric Bacon Toaster

This electric kitchen appliance is perfect for making not just great tasting and healthy bacon because it can also be used to make hash browns, eggs, French toast and even pancakes just like those ordinary griddles out there.

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Electric Bacon Toaster1

This Bacon Toaster also features a detachable drip tray and best of all, it is made with stainless steel partnered with black plastic housing designed for that easy to clean function after every use and best of all, it only measures 12.5×4.5×93/4 inches in length, width and height respectively. Weighs only 5.5lbs.

You can buy this electric kitchen appliance that makes healthy breakfast for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.