The Easy Access Recliner Side Table – designed specifically for reclining chairs

Are you looking for a side table to be partnered with your reclining chair? Check the Easy Access Recliner Side Table. (Available Here for only $249.95)

This uniquely designed side table is your perfect answer simply because besides its sturdy construction because it’s made with pine and engineered wood, this side table is also designed to help you easily access your favorite newspaper, magazines and even your snacks and drinks without any problem.

Recliner Side Table

Thanks to the table’s clever configuration, accessing the trays, racks, cabinets and more of the table including its shelf is now more comfortable even while you are in your favorite seating position from your favorite recliner.

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Recliner Side Table 2

The Easy Access Recliner Side Table even comes with its own cubby hole and slide out tray perfect for storing your favorite reading glasses while its included lower rack will allow you to access reading materials any time while reclining and best of all, it has a shelf just beneath the top to give easy access from any side. Weighs only 413/4lbs and only measures 26x14x20 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this side table designed for reclining chairs for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.