The DVD Playing Projection Cinema – transforms any indoor or outdoor space into a personal theater

You want to have your very own personal theater indoor or outdoor? Use the DVD Playing Projection Cinema, a small yet powerful projector capable of playing not just DVDs but also projecting what’s on your favorite gaming consoles, smartphones and more on walls for up to 150 inches display.

This Cinema Projector is capable of producing up to 3600lumens and can display resolution up to 720p on any surface, screen and even on walls without any problem, perfect if you want to stream HD videos at home or just simply playing those perfect presentation from your phone or from any Bluetooth devices you may have.

DVD Playing Projection Cinema

The DVD Playing Projection Cinema

This projector already includes an integrated HDMI ports so you can also plug your favorite streaming stick, just perfect for viewing and watching your subscription-based services including YouTube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and even from you Hulu account.

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DVD Playing Projection Cinema1

The DVD Playing Projection Cinema also comes with USB port, SD card slot and integrated speakers so you can share or access your favorite music or pictures without any hassle and best of all, it only measures 8x6x33/4 inches in height, diameter and width respectively.

You can buy the DVD-playing projector for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.