The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter – An electric two-wheeled scooter that uses gyroscopic sensors to keep a rider balanced

The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter —[SOURCE]— is equipped with unique gyroscopic sensors to provide the owner with the perfect balanced even at those delicate movements, thanks to the scooter’s self-generated steering partnered with unique acceleration and braking system, enjoying a 7mph speed will not be a problem.

This electric scooter has 2 wheels and uses 350watt hub motor enough to provide a comfortable acceleration every time, rider simply stand on the scooter’s folding feet pads, lean to the side to turn the scooter around, lean forward to accelerate smoothly and lean backward to slow down or stop steadily the vehicle.

The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter

The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter

This two-wheeled scooter has a sturdy alloy frame capable of supporting riders up to 220lbs., it even comes with a built-in LEDs so you can enjoy nighttime roaming without worrying about your visibility.

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The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter 1

The Dual Wheel Gyroscopic Scooter also features an 8.5diameter rubber wheels capable of providing a perfect gripping anytime anywhere and best of all, its lithium-ion battery will provide the riders of up to 6 miles of steering when fully charged without including charger. Weighs only 23lbs.

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