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Home » The Dual Device Backup Battery – A battery pack that can full charge twice

The Dual Device Backup Battery – A battery pack that can full charge twice

Need extra battery life for your favorite gadgets? Use the Dual Device Backup Battery, a portable battery pack capable of extending the battery life of 2 electronic gadgets simultaneously and automatically so whether you’re at work, home or traveling, you’ll always have a backup battery ready.

The Dual Device Backup Battery is capable of full charging almost any type of smart phones and tablets twice, yes you read it right, this backup battery can full charge twice your favorite devices anytime anywhere before the battery pack needs to be recharged.

This Dual Device Backup Battery is equipped with rechargeable 6,800mAh cell enough to store sufficient amount of extra power which can be easily accessed via an included apple 30-pin, micro USB and mini USB tips.

No need for extra adapters, this backup battery pack can connect to any portable devices plus it can even detect the type of device connected automatically so It can adjust the exact amount of power to be delivered accordingly. Cool!

This battery pack features a unique surge protection function so it can perfectly prevent damage while they are charging. This backup battery pack can be recharge via its included USB and or AC adapter.

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