The Dry Eye Relief Kit – No more dry and puppy eyes

Dry and puffy eyes? Not anymore with the Dry Eye Relief Kit. This uniquely designed goggle is capable of soothing dry and puffy eyes simply by stimulating the tear creation and releasing important eye oils from the eye glands using the included gel packs. Just warmed the gel into the microwave, put it inside the goggle and start witnessing its magic.

This Dry Eye Relief Kit is also ideal for people suffering from nocturnal lagophthalmos, thanks to its solid yet comfortable eye cup sealing construction that can easily prevent air, dust and pollen from drying out eyes during sleep.

The Dry Eye Relief Kit

The dry and puppy eye healing process takes only ten to fifteen minutes while its included foam inserts can be used for up to 60 uses while its included gel packs can be heated for up to fifty times.

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