The Drivers Cell Phone Signal Booster – Boost Cellphone Signal While Driving

Driving somewhere? Don’t forget your cellphones and of course The Drivers Cell Phone Signal Booster. A uniquely designed cellphone signal booster designed to increase signal strength especially in areas where cell phone signals are weak so you don’t have to worry about drop or missed calls.

The Drivers Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Drivers Cell Phone Signal Booster is designed to optimize and improve bi-directional signals for almost any type of phone and cell phone carries whether it’s a 2G, 3G and 4G LTE signals.

The Drivers Cell Phone Signal Booster 2

This Cellphone Signal Booster helps minimize dropped calls simply by maximizing your phones data speed. How? Just plug the amplifier into your car’s DC source, connect the external antenna and enjoy up to 26dB gain without worrying about wires and cables.

With Driver’s Cell Phone Signal Booster, now you can enjoy clear signal calls without physically connecting the phone to the device, allowing you to use your favorite Bluetooth headset, speakerphone or even your newly acquired wired headset. Just don’t forget to specify a cellphone service like Verizon or AT&T when you check out.

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  1. The greater the signal the more radiation a user will be exposed to. My humble opinion is to not use any of these signal boosters for health purposes.

  2. Haha, thank goodness I don’t have this kind of thing, well maybe because I don’t have a car? 😛

    Thanks for dropping by Peter.

  3. Nhick,

    I actually could use one of these when I visit my parents who live in “no man’s ” land (which is actually quite refreshing)… Peter did mention the radiation exposure concern; which, I would have never thought of. I will probably explore this further…



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