The Door Securer Intrusion Alarm – alerts homeowners and scares away potential intruders

The Door Securer Intrusion Alarm (available here) is your perfect answer especially if you are receiving unwelcome guest attempts at home every now and then.

Thanks to this uniquely designed door securer equipped with an integrated alarm system designed to help you secure your home every time you’re away.

Door Securer Intrusion Alarm

The Door Securer/Intrusion Alarm

This door jam with integrated alarm is unique because it scares away any unwanted intruders and because it is made with sturdy steel, positioning it on almost any type of door in order to block any intrusion will not be a problem.

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Door Securer Intrusion Alarm1

The Door Jam with Alarm System is capable of emitting a 100db alarm enough to be heard even at 1100 feet away, it even features a pivoting ball joint just to make sure it can provide a full contact with your floor and best of all, it is adjustable and has padded foot designed to help prevent marring.

You can buy this door jam with built-in alarm for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.