The Document Securing Fingerprint USB Flash Drive – stores up to 32 GB of information and secures with your fingerprint

The Document Securing Fingerprint USB Flash Drive (available here) is not just one of those ordinary flash drives out there that can store important documents because this USB flash drive can secure those documents using the owner’s fingerprint.

This document securing flash drive will act as your perfect digital safe where it requires the owner to use their fingerprint in order to have access to the data stored inside the flash drive.

Fingerprint USB Flash Drive

This USB Flash Drive is unique because it is equipped with integrated data encryption technology capable of working on both Apple computers and PCs, it even comes with a water resistant function for that extra peace of mind that you can always bring it with you anywhere anytime.

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Fingerprint USB Flash Drive1

The Document Securing Flash Drive is capable of storing up to 10 different fingerprints and only needs MS Windows for its initial installation after that, all your personal data including your favorite photos and other important files are already secured.

You can buy the USB flash drive with fingerprint lock for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.