The Distance Calculating Binoculars – A durable and uniquely designed binocular with built-in range finder

Is your binocular can’t provide the exact distance between you and your target object? Use the Distance Calculating Binoculars [SOURCE], a durable binocular that comes with an integrated range finder so you can see exactly the distance to an observed object even if it’s 3000ft away.

The Distance Calculating Binocular is perfect for hikers and mountain climbers who wants to keep an eye of the distance to the top of a hill or even use it to see the nearness of the nearby boat while you are sailing or even get the remaining distance of the hole while you are on the fairway, thanks to binoculars undetectable 905nm laser, now you can easily identify objects accurately.

The Distance Calculating Binoculars

The Distance Calculating Binoculars

This distance calculating binocular is uniquely and ergonomically designed so you don’t have to worry about scratching the lenses or even worry about sand and dust while looking at your target object, thanks to the binoculars unique filters and lens caps together with a nitrogen-purged and uniquely coated prism system, enjoying at the same time capturing important objects is now more fun and engaging.

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This binocular already comes with 8x magnification level and is perfect to work even on glare or dim weather condition.

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