The Disposable Batteries Recharger – Automatically detects battery type and condition

You want to recharge disposable batteries? Now you can with the Disposable Batteries Recharger [SOURCE], a uniquely designed battery charger designed to revive the power of disposable batteries simply by inserting it to its charging slots.

The Disposable Batteries Recharger

The Disposable Batteries Recharger

The Disposable Batteries Recharger uses a powerful microprocessor and stylishly designed charging technology to automatically detect the battery type and its battery condition before juicing it up and charging it if necessary for just as little as 1 up to 8 hours depending on the size and type of the battery you want to recharge.

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The Disposable Batteries Recharger 2

This battery charger is also capable of renewing battery life of alkaline batteries of up to 10x plus it even comes with charging slots for type D, C, 9volts, A, double A and triple A batteries.

Need to revitalize NiMH or NiCD batteries? Go ahead and insert them on this device, you can even see the charging level of the batteries right thru its integrated LCD screen. Just don’t forget to plug this charging station to your AC outlet though.

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