The Direct To iPhone iPod Scanner – Loads images instantly

Got important documents that you want to load up into your iPhone or iPod? Now you can with this Direct To iPhone iPod Scanner, a portable scanning device capable of scanning up to 4″x6″ documents, photos and even recipes or business cards so you can load up the images straight to your iPhone or iPod instantly.

The Direct To iPhone iPod Scanner allows you to monitor the scan’s development, thanks to its included app, scanning and saving images to your favorite mobile is now easy and fast.

The Direct To iPhone iPod Scanner

This photo scanner is very small and very easy to carry with perfect for that on the spot scanning anytime and anywhere.

Powered via USB or AC adapter, this photo scanner with iPhone and iPod dock is also compatible with other iPhone 4 and 4S and 4th generation iPod touch. Go ahead and start loading important documents now, just don’t forget to dock your favorite phone though.

-$169.95 at hammacher