The Digital Photo Album Watch – A Rechargeable Photo Album Timepiece

The Digital Photo Album Watch is not just one of those ordinary watches because it allows every user to show their favorite pictures as backgrounds or wallpapers while reading and telling time plus it also allows you to slide photos automatically using the slide show feature and forward it manually for a closer look. Simply upload the photos into the Digital Photo Album Watch using the USB cable and you’re done.

The Digital Photo Album Watch comes with a 128×128 pixel resolution and features an analog mode hour and minute hands bold enough so you’ll have a better look at the time and the background picture and a digital calendar that allows you to display both time and date with a press of a button. The Digital Photo Album Watch can be recharged using a PC or Mac, simply plug the watch with the included USB cable and enjoy up to 10 days of use for just an hour of recharging.

– $99.95 at hammacher