The Digital Art Museum – A digital wall art that displays museum quality pieces of still and moving images

The Digital Art Museum [SOURCE] is not just capable of displaying museum quality still and moving images but at the same time your perfect digital wall art that displays your latest photographs, paintings and illustrations straight to its 1080p screen that changes with just a swipe of your own hand or by using your latest gadget.

This 32×21 inches digital wall art allows the owner to easily control the digital museum’s brightness of an image or even put the frame to sleep and because it allows the user to create a free online account at the vendor’s site, accessing over 20k files and even adjusting the orientation of an image, modifying background color and even creating a slideshow is not possible and more entertaining.

The Digital Art Museum

The Digital Art Museum

You want to upload your own artwork? No problem because this digital frame already includes an 8gb memory capable of storing up to 2000 images while its integrated ambient light sensor will simply allow the owner to easily adjust the frame’s backlight and its anti-glare feature.

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The Digital Art Museum can be wall-mounted because it already includes a French cleat hardware, just don’t forget to plug the frame though to an AC outlet using its included adapter.

Watch the Digital Frame in action [HERE].

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