The Dialog Enhancing Speaker – provides rich, three-dimensional audio while also letting you hear dialog clearly even at low volumes

The Dialog Enhancing Speaker (available here) is perfect when it comes to providing rich 3D audio for your favorite TV at home while at the same time allowing you to hear dialog crisply and clearly even if the television is only set to low volume.

This television speaker is unique as compared to any television soundbar or sound amplifiers out there simply because this speaker is not just capable of increasing the sounds volume and because it uses unique proprietary technology, isolating voice frequencies while at the same time lifting audio dialogue without worrying about loud background noise or even background music every time.

Dialog Enhancing Speaker

The Dialog Enhancing Speaker

This TV speaker is equipped with a 24w amplifier capable of transmitting sound straight to its included 2×3 inches full range speakers using neodymium magnets, it even features an output leveling function designed to help lessen jarring spikes in sound volume especially when you are changing channels.

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Dialog Enhancing Speaker1

The Dialog Enhancing Speaker already comes with analog and digital cables, a remote control, 2 triple-a batteries and an AC power adapter and best of all, it only weighs 4lbs and only measures 23x4x2 inches in width, diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this television speaker for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.