The Device Charging Business Case – A quality yet affordable briefcase for tech fanatic

Looking for a quality briefcase for your next business trip? Try The Device Charging Business Case, a uniquely designed business briefcase that not only stores all your important documents securely but also provides several compartments for your favorite cool gadgets including iPhone, iPad and other USB powered devices.

So what’s cool about this device charging business case? Well, besides its 4 zippered compartments, 8 quality pockets and removable padded sleeves that act as laptop protector, this durable business briefcase is made of Oxford woven material so you can be sure that it can endure the hardness of your business trip, it even comes with a shoulder and hand strap so you can easily carry the bag whatever style you want.

The Device Charging Business Case

So why it’s called device charging business case? Well, besides its stylish yet funky look, this bag is unique because it also comes with a huge 6000 mAh battery, enough to charge your important cellphones and even your laptops just in case it runs out of battery juice. Cool!

$149.95 at hammacher


  1. You mean it has a battery in it? A battery that could supply power to a laptop? I supposed it’s a big battery? Wouldn’t that adding weight to the case?

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