The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun – helps loosen stiff, sore muscles and even speed up recovery

The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun is designed to help you get rid of your sore muscle problem including speeding up recovery and even to loosen stiff, thanks to the massage gun’s wireless design, reaching hard to reach areas specially the problematic ones are now possible at home or on the go.

This massage gun is unique because it uses combination of heat and cold, therapeutic and deep tissue massage in order to treat problematic parts effectively and easily every time.

Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun

The therapy massage gun even comes with thermal massage technology designed to help owners prepare their problematic muscles before doing some massaging in order to help prevent injury and even allow you to perform at peak levels.

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Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun 1

The Deep Tissue Therapy Massage Gun is equipped with a powerful motor capable of generating up to 32k vibration massages, it even comes with a cone, a silicone ball, acupressure heads, gel and heat attachments so owners can treat on almost any parts of their body easily and without any problem and best of all, it can provide up to 2hrs of operation specially when fully charged using its included AC charger. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

You can buy the massage gun for only $229.95 with lifetime guarantee.