The Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad – with large heated pad that emits far infrared rays to help ease sore muscles and joints

You want to get rid of your stiff lower back muscle problem? How about your hips, knees and legs that gets cold and you want to relax them? Use the Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad —[SOURCE]—, a uniquely designed heated pad capable of emitting far infrared rays so it can penetrate deep into the problematic muscles and joints effectively.

Better than electric blankets or electric pads out there that only warms skin’s surface, this heated pad is large yet safe because it uses far infrared technology capable of producing sun-like warmth to your joints and muscles in order to help relieve pain.

The Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad

The Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad

The large heated pad has thermal wires that are imperceptible, thanks to its perfect hypoallergenic fleece that is very cozy and hides any spots so you’ll only get a relaxing session once you start using them.

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The Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad 1

The Deep Tissue Heating Body Pad has 4 temperature settings, enough to provide the best and most comfortable settings plus it even has a pad that can’t create electromagnetic fields even in longer treatment periods and best of all, it has an 8hr timer so you can use it overnight without any problem.

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