You want to enhance your muscle’s mobility? Use the Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager, a professional grade vibrating massage device¬†capable of delivering vigorous deep-tissue massage to almost any sore areas of your body rolling it along to treat sore muscles.

The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager is perfect for aching back, thighs, hips and even under your hamstrings, just position the device to the aching muscles, turn the device on and watch its powerful motor delivers vibrating massage perfect for enhancing circulation or even warming up your body before doing exercises.

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The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager

The Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager

This vibrating roller comes with 3 vibration levels different hertz settings. The 28Hz settings for preparing your muscles for your next vigorous exercises and the 32Hz settings for loosening tight muscles and recovering and relieving tired muscles after your hard workout.

This vibrating roller is built using a German-made polypropylene design perfect for enabling maximum transfer of vibrations to the owner while its air-injected plastic frame is designed to help loosen knotted muscles way much better than any other foam rollers out there.

This Deep Tissue Foam Roller Massager has a rechargeable lithium-ion batteries design to power the unit for up to 2 hrs. even on the highest settings used and can be recharge using its included AC adapter.

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