The Customizable Sound Hearing Aid – with a patented sound amplifier that accommodates your unique hearing profile

The Customizable Sound Hearing Aid (currently taking orders here) is your best answer if you are looking for a hearing aid that will let you customize your hearing profile anytime anywhere.

Thanks to the hearing aid’s unique sound amplifier partnered with an easy to adjust clarification and amplification function, now you can enjoy whatever you are listening clearly without any problem.

Customizable Sound Hearing Aid

As compared to ordinary hearing devices out there that will simply provide volume increase, this model is unique because it will allow the owner to separately adjust the highs and lows of the aid’s frequencies perfect for that cleaner and more clearer hearing every time.

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Customizable Sound Hearing Aid1

The Customizable Sound Hearing Aid already comes with 3 silicone caps designed to help accommodate different sizes of ear canals and best of all, it already includes a battery charger capable of providing up to 2 weeks of power when fully charged for 2hrs.

You can buy the hearing aid for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.