The Crystal Clear Stereo – A 2-speed and belt-driven turntable design to produce clear sound from your treasured vinyl records

The Crystal Clear Stereo [SOURCE] is a 2-speed and belt-driven turntable capable of providing clear sound, thanks to its metal tone arm partnered with sturdy ceramic cartridge design to produce all the delicate shades of your favorite and most treasured vinyl records.

Housed in acrylic, this stereo system has a 40watt rechargeable stereo speakers capable of delivering clear and crisp sound and because this stereo system is bluetooth enabled, streaming music wirelessly from your favorite digital player or even to your latest smartphone is now possible any time.

The Crystal Clear Stereo

The Crystal Clear Stereo

Speakers are designed to provide up to 12hrs of playback from an 8hr charge using its charging cables plus it even includes RCA jacks to allow the owner to easily connect to their favorite external speakers.

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The Crystal Clear Stereo 1

The Crystal Clear Stereo already includes an aux-in cable while the turntable can be plug into an AC outlet. This stereo system measures 4×16.5×13 inches in height, width and diameter and only measures 11lbs.

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