The Crash Test Approved Pet Harness – A dog seat belt harness crash tested for safety

You want to protect your dog and at the same time keep them comfortable every time you accelerate, turn and even brake your car? Use the Crash Test Approved Pet Harness, a uniquely designed dog seat belt tested to provide dog owners the peace of mind every time you drive your dog somewhere.

This dog seat belt harness is the same to that kid car seats where it utilizes the car’s seat belt strap in order to help car riders secure specially when the driver is turning, accelerating and even braking.

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Crash Test Approved Pet Harness

Thanks to the harness easy to use and secure feature partnered with 4 points of adjustment function, getting a customized fit will not be a problem, it even comes with a steel buckle system complete with padded chest plate for that unique protection and full comfort you’ve been looking for every time.

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Crash Test Approved Pet Harness 1

The Crash Test Approved Pet Harness was crash tested at the University Research Institute in Michigan to make sure it can provide extra protection without worrying about comfortability every time you drive your dog anytime anywhere. Simply select the perfect size for your favorite pet and you’re good to go.

You can buy the dog seat belt harness for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.