The Countertop Water Ice Dispenser – makes ice cubes and dispenses water without requiring a plumbing hookup

The Countertop Water Ice Dispenser (Currently Taking Orders Here) is not just perfect when it comes to making ice cubes and at the same time perfect when it comes to dispensing water for some quick cold drinks any time.

Thanks to this uniquely designed dispenser, now you can be sure that you’ll always enjoy your favorite cold beverage every time without worrying about getting a professional plumber just to hook it up.

Countertop Water Ice Dispenser

This water and ice dispenser is very easy to use and can be positioned anywhere you want like on a patio, pool terrace or even on your favorite deck and because this countertop dispenser already comes with a water tank, serving 10 ice cubes in minutes will not be a problem.

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Countertop Water Ice Dispenser1

This Water and Ice Dispenser already comes with an easy to read digital display so owners can easily choose between different ice cube sizes or just cold water poured directly into a glass and best of all, it only weighs 28 3/4lbs.

You can buy this countertop ice cube and water dispenser for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee.