The Cordless Twinkling Table Runner – twinkles with the light of a starry night to provide gleeful glow to a holiday display

Are you looking to buy an additional Christmas decoration for your new dining table? Try the Cordless Twinkling Table Runner. (Available Here for only $89.95)

This table runner is your perfect answer simply because it is equipped with LED light that twinkles just like those light of a starry night.

Cordless Twinkling Table Runner

Ideal for providing a joyful glow to a holiday display at home, this table runner is made with rich velvet partnered with 8 white LEDs located just along the edges of its length and is perfect not just for protecting the wooden surface of your table but also adds some bright white twinkling.

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Cordless Twinkling Table Runner 2

The Cordless Twinkling Table Runner is unique because it comes with lots of small white light dots generated by 130 fiber optic strands fixed firmly into the fabric just to relay a twinkling to the whole runner without worrying about bulky cords.

You can buy this cordless table runner for only $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.