The Cordless Reading Lamp – provides bright light anywhere without requiring proximity to a power outlet

The Cordless Reading Lamp (available here) is perfect when it comes to providing bright light almost anywhere you want when reading of course without worrying about bulky cords and power outlets.

Thanks to this wireless and rechargeable reading lamp, now you can enjoy reading your favorite reading materials anywhere at night without worrying about damaging your eyes because this lamp can provide bright white illumination where other lamps with yellowish glow cannot handle.

Cordless Reading Lamp

No more glare and distortion problem when reading at night, thanks to the lamp’s included 48 LEDs partnered with gooseneck that’s sturdy and flexible, raising, lowering and even twisting it in order to get that perfect position when reading a book, working on a computer or even doing some crafting work will not be problem every time.

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Cordless Reading Lamp1

The Cordless Reading Lamp also features a sturdy pole, brass-plated base, and a modern shade and best of all, it also includes a dimmer dial so owners can easily change different levels of light smoothly. Weighs only 13lbs and only measures 10×53 inches in diameter and height respectively.

You can buy this reading lamp with rechargeable and wireless functionality for only $249.95 with lifetime guarantee.