The Cordless Power Mop And Floor Polisher – now you can effortlessly dusts, scrubs and polish floors without worrying about power outlets

Tired of using your old floor polisher because it is not effective in polishing the floor? Use the Cordless Power Power Mop and Floor Polisher, a uniquely designed mop and a floor polisher at the same time designed to help owners effortless get rid of the dusts and even scrubbing the floor of course without needing power outlets.

This mop and floor polisher in one unique gadget is perfect because it has dual pad that spins powerfully up to 220rpm to help you get rid of those nasty dirt and dusts and even those unwanted stains in just a matter of swiping and gliding the problematic floors.

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Cordless Power Mop And Floor Polisher

Cordless Power Mop And Floor Polisher

This cordless mop and floor polisher can even help you get rid of stubborn stains, thanks to is built-in 10oz tank, adding your favorite cleaning solution and spraying it on the problematic floor is just as easy as pressing a button.

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Cordless Power Mop And Floor Polisher 1

The Cordless Power Mop and Floor Polisher already comes with microfiber pads that fits nicely to the mop and some washable polishing pads so you can use and reuse it again and again. Just don’t forget to charge the device though for about 30min and you’ll have all the power you need to get rid of the dirt and dust. Weighs only 6lbs.

You can buy the power mop and floor polisher for $179.95 with lifetime guarantee.