The Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap – A cordless heated wrap designed to simultaneously soothe sore muscles in the neck and shoulders

The Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap [SOURCE] is perfect for soothing aching muscles in the shoulder, neck and upper back, thanks to the cordless heated wrap’s slightly weighted edges partnered with magnetic closure, relaxing and alleviating sore muscles is now possible of course without worrying about power cord.

The Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap

Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap

Unlike ordinary heating pads out there that cannot provide perfect contact and ideal coverage of the aching muscles, the cordless neck and shoulder heat wrap can be worn even when you are doing something around the house, inside the car and on the go because it perfectly fit around the problematic areas providing the wearer a deep penetrating heat straight at the owner’s back, neck, on both shoulders and even at the middle of the owner’s back stimulating perfect blood flow, loosening muscles and even relieving swelling any time anywhere.

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The Cordless Neck and Shoulder Heat Wrap 1

This cordless heat wrap already includes an easy to use button capable of adjusting to different temperature levels while its 100 percent polyester micro plush wrap is very soft on skin. The included internal battery is capable of providing up to an hour of continuous power and recharges easily using the integrated adapter.

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