The Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler – the cordless outdoor lamp that keeps beverages cool and also functions as a Bluetooth speaker

Are you planning to have some outdoor picnic with your friends and need a device that will help you cool your fave wine? Use the Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler. (Available Here)

This uniquely designed wine cooler is perfect simply because besides keeping beverages cool, it also functions as an outdoor lamp and as a speaker just perfect for backyard fun time with your family or friends.

Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler

The Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler

Whether it is an outdoor picnic, backyard barbecues or simply a music fun time, this device will provide all the magic you will need, it even comes with a dimmable lamp so can choose to cast a perfect glow while its capability of holding 2 standard size wine bottles and an integrated 10w Bluetooth speaker will allow you to stream your favorite music from your favorite gadgets any time.

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Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler 2

The Cordless Illuminated Wine Cooler already comes with charging cable and can be fully charged to provide up to 10hrs of power and best of all, it already comes with reusable ice cubes. Weighs only 3lbs and only measures 14×8.5 inches in height and diameter respectively.

You can buy this wine cooler, Bluetooth speaker and outdoor lamp in one device for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.