The Cooling Car Seat Pad – A heat absorbing auto seat pad

You want to have a comfortable ride this summer? Use the Cooling Car Seat Pad, (PRODUCT PAGE) a heat absorbing auto seat pad uniquely designed in order to provide car driver with a nice and refreshing seat simply by naturally absorbing the heat from the driver’s body perfect especially if you want to have a comfortable ride on hot summer days.

The Cooling Car Seat Pad uses unique crystals that zips and draws heat away from the driver’s surroundings in order to create a refreshing and cooling car seat every time protecting the driver from any hot upholstery.

The Cooling Car Seat Pad

Planning of using the cooling car seat pad on cold weather? Sure, just remove the crystals, plug it onto your car’s 12 volt charger to enjoy soothing warmth.

This auto seat pad has a rugged surface and uses thick foam padding for that long lasting comfort, just don’t forget to strap the seat pad though to your car’s seat before you start driving.

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  1. I can certainly use one of these as the climate here is getting hotter and hotter. Sometimes it feels like I’m walking under the hot sun where in fact I’m actually driving in my car with the air conditioning switched on.

  2. Oh, you definitely need this one Peter, grab one now before it runs out of stock.. 🙂


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