The Coolest Bluetooth Keyboard For Your Smart Phones

Looking for a cool new keyboard for your Bluetooth gadgets like phones and iPad? Check the Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard, a perfect add-on to your important gadget. With Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard, typing long documents, emails and even blog posts at home or on the road.

If you’re tired typing with your smart phone’s typical keyboard why not pick up one that can truly give you efficient and comfortable typing anytime anywhere plus you can even surf your favorite social sites and play music and video using its included hot keys just like your favorite full featured keyboard.
The Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard

The Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard

The Smart Phone Bluetooth Keyboard comes with 56 quick to respond keys and is laid out using your favorite QWERTY position, it also features a unique mini joystick and 2 buttons that acts as your ordinary mouse button.

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This Bluetooth Keyboard needs 2 pieces of AAA batteries and is able to work for up to 150 hours of power, enough for typing your project for that day.

-$69.95 at hammacher

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