You want a headphone that can be converted into a stereo speaker? Get the Convertible Headphone Speakers [SOURCE], a uniquely designed battery powered speaker that with a simple twist of its unique earcups will automatically turn on the integrated amplifier capable of providing crisp and clear sound.

The Convertible Headphone Speakers

The Convertible Headphone Speakers

The Convertible Headphone Speakers is capable of producing up to 98 decibel sound when in speaker mode, enough to provide lots of volume perfect for playing music even inside a room full of guests.

The Convertible Headphone Speakers 1

When in headphone mode, the built-in amp will automatically turns off, thanks to the headphone’s easy to twist function, switching between speaker and headphone mode will not be a problem.

The Convertible Headphone Speakers 2

This uniquely designed headphone uses propriety technology capable of delivering crisp and clear sound perfect for that high definition listening experience every time and because the earcup has a closed and over-ear design, listening to your favorite music and avoiding those nasty background noise will not be a problem.

The battery powered speaker plays up to 3 hours of music and can connect to almost any type of device with 3.5mm jack.

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