The Complete Modern Waste Station – A modern refuse system that enables one to easily separate trash, compost, and recyclables

The Complete Modern Waste Station [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed refuse system so owners can easily isolate recyclables, compost and even trash perfect for getting rid of kitchen clutters like plastic bins or even those ugly and obsolete containers.

This stainless steel waste station is packed with 15 3/4-gallon yet provides a space-saving answer specially on keeping the kitchen organized simply by hiding unwanted trash.

The Complete Modern Waste Station

The Complete Modern Waste Station

This modern wast station is made of power-coated sturdy body and already includes a detachable 9.5gallon receptacle capable of accommodating different liners and battles so you don’t have to worry about potential odors because this waste station offers unique ventilation holes for that worry free waste disposal every time.

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The Complete Modern Waste Station even features a detachable drawer right at the unit’s bottom perfect for holding other recyclable items including cans and bottles while its 1 gallon compost drawer strategically located at the inside lip of the trash bin will allow the owner to conveniently place on a counter specially when doing some peeling and chopping and best of all, its fingerprint-proof lid will allow the owner to easily open with a gentle touch.

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