The Complete Air Frying Griddle Station – the outdoor flat top grill that enables you to cook restaurant-quality food in your backyard

Are you looking for a flat top grill capable of cooking restaurant quality steaks, vegetables, hamburgers and more? Try the Complete Air Frying Griddle Station.

This uniquely designed outdoor grill is your perfect answer simply because besides its 4 cooking zones, this flat top grill is also equipped with a double air fryer partnered with a warming drawer so you can cook food in your backyard perfectly and simultaneously without any problem.

Air Frying Griddle Station

With this griddle station, using its included 4 gas burners simultaneously and even setting the grill to perfectly distribute heat evenly all throughout its grilling surface will not be a problem, you can even set the grill to use different temperatures so you can sear your favorite steaks and at the same time gently cook your favorite vegetables all together will not be a problem.

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Air Frying Griddle Station 2

The Complete Air Frying Griddle Station can cook 30 numbers, up to 27 steaks or cook 47 eggs easily and because it offers air fryers, warming drawers and storage drawers including its different tools and accessories, enjoying your favorite food instantly at home is now possible.

Read the rest of the features or buy the outdoor grill for only $1650 here.