The Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer – the low-profile elliptical trainer that fits under a desk

The Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer is your perfect answer especially if you want to provide yourself with the same low impact workout that can only be found at your favorite local gym. (Available Here for only $399.95)

This low profile total body trainer is small enough yet capable of exercising the user’s arms and upper body without any problem, thanks to the elliptical trainer’s unique design, doing your favorite exercise routine at home is now possible every time.

Elliptical Total Body Trainer

The Compact Elliptical Total Body Trainer

Equipped with 12 tension levels perfect for anyone who wants to modify their workout routine from low to intense exercises, this workout machine even comes with non-slip pedals partnered with integrated hand pulleys, enjoying workout comfortably will not be a problem.

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Elliptical Total Body Trainer 2

This Total Body Trainer even features an easy to read screen display designed to help the user show the owner’s stride count, calories burned and more and best of all, it already comes with a chair wheel stoppers to help keep the desk chair secure all the time. Weighs only 27.5lbs.

You can buy this low-profile elliptical trainer for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.