The Commuter’s Portable Cell Signal Booster – improves reception to prevent dropped or garbled call when driving

Not satisfied with your cellphone signal booster because it cannot prevent garbled calls every time you drive somewhere? Use this portable cell signal booster instead, a perfect commuter smartphone signal booster capable of controlling any signal interference including almost any type of obstacles like mountains and trees so you don’t have any dead zones when you call while driving.

This cell signal booster is unique because it is designed to improve your phone’s reception so you don’t have to worry about dropped calls every time, thanks to its patented 300 percent signal gain feature that other model’s can’t provide, now you can have a perfect conversation while driving.

Portable Cell Signal Booster

Portable Cell Signal Booster

This portable, wireless and small yet powerful signal booster is very easy to position inside your car, you can even carry it anywhere you go because it does not need any batteries, cables or even power just to keep the booster working all the time, just bring it anywhere and stay connected.

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Portable Cell Signal Booster 1

This cell signal booster is made in the U.S. and only measures 12x7x1/4 inches in length, width and diameter and only weigh 1lb.

You can buy the cellphone signal booster for $89.95 with lifetime guarantee.